Transwest Mobile Truck Repair: (855) 919-9700       Transwest Sales & Rental: (855) 909-9700
Transwest Mobile Truck Repair: (855) 919-9700       Transwest Sales & Rental: (855) 909-9700

Maintenance & Repair Services

Transwest Mobile Truck Repair is a comprehensive solution to all fleet vehicle-related needs.

We are qualified in all aspects of vehicle, truck, and equipment repair, and pride ourselves in being a one stop solution to all commercial fleet repair needs. What sets Transwest Mobile apart is being able to repair ANY issue large or small. Most repairs are done at our customer’s place of business and at their convenience. This minimizes vehicle downtime and the inconvenience of having to transport vehicles to a shop and then back again.

The benefit of being mobile is the speed in which our mechanics can start, and then efficiently and expertly complete necessary repairs. This virtually eliminates any customer/vehicle downtime and takes the burden of transport and repair off the shoulders of the fleet manager. If the repairs for any reason need to move inside, we have a team of shufflers that will transport the vehicle to one of our shops and deliver it back to our customer.


Transwest mechanics are the best in the business with decades of experience under our belts. With certifications in gas and diesel and everything in between, our team of mechanics is well armed to tackle any maintenance or repair issue. Even with all the fancy certifications, our mechanics wouldn’t be a success without all the equipment necessary to make the repairs. Transwest boasts having heavy duty repair software for complex problems requiring specialized computing and software. Each of our mechanics hits the road in our outfitted repair trucks, equipped to handle the most difficult repairs.

And just as important as the mechanics and their trucks, is the office staff supporting each repair. From our Service Managers and Shop Foremen to our vehicle shufflers, any contact you have with Transwest will be pleasant and designed to optimize your efficiency.


With every maintenance or repair service we perform, we run a free digital inspection on the vehicle. Reports can then be emailed to the customer for record. This can also assist in being able to visualize the needed repair without having to physically be with the vehicle.

Our service managers can aid you in planning upcoming repair and scheduled maintenance on your vehicles. Just a few of the general mechanical repairs and maintenance issues we handle are: hydraulics, mileage services, cooling system, fuel system, A/C and heating, brake system, body work, welding, lubrication and fork lift/small engine repairs, and virtually everything else!


Maintaining a good connection doesn’t only apply to Transwest’s relationship with our customers, it also applies to your vehicles electrical system. If your fleet vehicles windows are randomly going up and down or the windshield wipers have a mind of their own, maybe your brake lights are no longer working, Transwest mechanics can fix it. No matter how complex your electrical issues may be, our team of mechanics can get it working like new.


Maintaining a vehicles drivetrain is paramount to keeping your fleet rolling. Knowing this, Transwest’s own fleet vehicles are fully equipped to handle maintenance and repair of all components of your drivetrain ie; clutch, front and rear axles, gear box, differential and everything else. Having the ability to lift any size vehicle out in the field is what sets Transwest apart from all the rest.


Steering, braking and good suspension is at the very core of what makes a vehicle safe; this is especially true on larger vehicles like box trucks and large tractors. At Transwest, our number one goal is keeping the drivers of the fleet vehicles we service safe.

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