Transwest Mobile is continuing to operate under specific safety procedures to support the trucks and equipment that keeping America moving. For a detailed explanation of these procedures and how Transwest Mobile is the best option for vehicle repair and maintenance during the Covid-19 pandemic click here.
  • Transwest Mobile has always been on the leading edge of vehicle repair, offering our state-of-the-art mobile service. We are continuing to be the leaders in this new chapter through innovative methods.
  • We are dedicated to safely continuing to perform our role to support the trucks, vehicles, and equipment that America depends on. This is imperative to sustaining a healthy economy.
    • ○ Mobile repair service inherently limits in-person contact, being at the customer’s location and in open air environment.
    • ○ Our online, email, phone, and text lines of communication mean there is no physical contact with the service team members.
    • ○ Invoicing and payment are all handled online, by phone, or through mail.
    • ○ There is no exchange of materials between your employees and our technicians except for sometimes the keys to the vehicle. These are handled only with gloves and may be disinfected by us.
    • ○ Our technicians use a new set of gloves for each vehicle they work on.
    • ○ Any time we have to enter a vehicle, we use protective materials such as masks and seat covers as appropriate.
  • Transwest’s on-site service is the most efficient and cost-effective way for repairs. Vehicle downtime is limited to the absolute minimum, which allows your vehicle to be on the road creating revenue. Your vehicle doesn’t sit at our shop waiting for repairs.
  • Repairs can be down at the convenience of the customer, not the repair shop.
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